Spring Cruise

     Remember this? We made some great memories during last year’s Spring Cruise…and we may have to hold onto them just a bit longer.
     We are all left with many questions about what comes next during our national pandemic crisis, and we are hoping our extended Corinthian family weathers the storm in good health. We are also mindful that the challenges we face as a nation are many and its heartwarming to know that so many have extended a helping hand to their neighbors and strangers.
     It seems minor by comparison, but we are still planning a Spring Cruise when life starts returning to normal, if it ever can. As of this writing, this year’s cruise remains scheduled for May 21 through May 24, 2020.  We expect to be able to make a final on or off call sometime in early May.
     That said, there is another x-factor involved. Pennsylvania has already shutdown non-essential businesses and Maryland may not be far from behind. I spoke with the marina manager at Knapps Narrows this morning and he is preparing to shut down operations at a moment’s notice. He recommended that I get FLOW in the water next week, or face the possibility of a late season, or no season at all. I would suggest that we all contact our respective boatyards to get a sense of how they are preparing and what provisions, if any, they are making to get boats in the water. Depending on what happens, we may have to either delay or cancel the Spring Cruise.
     I will post updates as soon as possible, and, as always, you can reach me anytime at tucanadad@yahoo.com or 215-919-9496.
     Stay well, and all the best to you and your families,
David Breimhurst
Fleet Captain

Below is a tenative schedule of the cruise.

- Thursday, May 21 - Rendezvous at Miles River Yachr Club 1800 hrs
- Friday, May 22 - Fun race & raft up at Wye River
- Saturday, May 23 - Race to Western Shore & raft up at the Rhode River
- Sunday, May 24 - Race to St. Michaels & Awards Dinner in St. Michaels

For questions or more information, please contact David Breinhurst, Fleet Captain via email at


Updated 3/24/2020