V-15 Fleet #65

The Boat:
The Vanguard 15 is a double handed, one-design boat. It is lighter, faster, and easier to transport than many other comparable dinghies. The V-15 is ideal for both high caliber fleet racing and for day sailing with the family. This boat has also become the standard for international team racing.  The Vanguard 15 class was founded about 16 years ago and is one of the fastest growing classes in the country. Although the V-15 originally started in the Northeast, large fleets have grown in California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Washington. Regattas boasting over 60 boats have become common throughout the country.

The Fleet:
CYCoP's V-15 Fleet #65 is currently in its eleventh season, which isimpressive considering the boat has only caught on in popularity over the last decade or so.  Led by Fleet Captains Katie Hall and Packy Loughran, Fleet #65 is just as much about the camaraderie as it is the competition.  New sailors are always welcome, and with this evenly matched Fleet it is always sure to be a close race.

V15 Boat Rentals:
In an effort to make V15 racing easier to get into without buying a boat, the club will be renting out V15’s on a race night/series/season basis. We will have three boats initially and possibly one more during the course of the season.  This is a GREAT opportunity for club members or provisional college members to race this season. Please contact us with questions, and/or pass this info to anyone who may be interested at the club.


V15 Fleet Captain

Todd Curesky

Other Items:
Also, the club has decided if a boat that is not registered and paid for a series and is taken out to be raced by a member or provisional member, that member must pay $25.00 per race night.  No more freebies (and non members skippering) during an official race night. (does not cover the two “Open Sailing Days”). 

Calling all New Sailors:

If anyone knows any new members who want to race in our V15 fleet this season, please let me know and we can contact them about our fleet.  We will also send out an email with info about what V15’s are available to “rent” from the club this season to race with us. 

If anyone knows who else (new club members, possible crew etc) might want to be on this mailing list, or wants to sail this season, please let us know soon. Thanks!