​Fall Cruise - St. Michaels, MD
October 7 - 10, 2022

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GENERAL ORDERS  NO. 2                                                                                 

FLAGSHIP      STOWEAWAY                                 
Yachts participating in The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia 2022 Fall Cruise will assemble Friday evening, October 7, 2022 in St. Michaels on the Miles River. The Cruise will begin with a Reception at The Classic Motor Museum Friday evening, October 7, and conclude with a gala Dinner Reception on Sunday evening, October 9 at the Miles River Yacht Club on Long Haul Creek. The Classic Motor Museum is located on E. Marengo St., an easy walk from the town marinas and water taxi.

Limited dockage is available at the Miles River Yacht Club through Dockwa. There are several marinas in town with transient slips and there is an anchorage with good holding at the entrance of St. Michaels harbor. Payment for dockage is the individual responsibility of the captain.

Sailing Instructions, ratings, and class assignments for the scheduled races on Saturday and Sunday will be distributed at the reception Friday evening, and at the Captains' Meeting to be held on Saturday morning. Sailing Instructions and Course Sheets will be available at www.cycop.com under Sailing/Cruising/Fall Cruise one week prior to the start of the Cruise.

Yachts arriving after the Captains' Meeting should pick up their instructions from the Race Committee Yacht. 

A Registration Form will be emailed and will be available on the Club website. The information required by the form may be sent to the Fleet Captain by email, text or surface mail.  Please complete the registration information carefully, as it will be used for preparing the Guest List and billing, as well as for assigning classes. The registration information should be sent to the Fleet Captain, David Breimhurst, by email (tucanadad@yahoo.com), by text to 215-919-9496, or by surface mail to Box 223, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 30.  Do not send registration information directly to the Club.

All racing yachts will be assigned a rating by the Race Committee based on the most recent PHRF of the Chesapeake rating certificate submitted with the Registration Form.  If a yacht has not been rated by PHRF of the Chesapeake, the Race Committee will determine her rating.  Further information will be provided in the Sailing Instructions available on the Club’s web site.  While a current rating certificate is not required to participate in the Fall Cruise, owners of yachts in The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia fleet are encouraged to obtain a rating from PHRF of the Chesapeake (www.phrfchesbay.org).
Questions concerning the racing, ratings or class assignments should be directed to  Race Committee Chairman Drew Conboy at dconboy@drexelcs.com or 610-653-1022
The warning signal for each race will be hoisted on the Race Committee Yacht at the location indicated in the Sailing Instructions not less than one hour after the designated harbor start.   When the following signals are hoisted on the Race Committee Yacht, they will be accompanied by one or more sound signals as specified in the Racing Rules of Sailing:
L “Come within hail” or “Follow me”   AP “Race Postponed”    N “Race Abandoned” 
Yachts joining the Cruise after 0800 hours Saturday, October 10 or leaving the Cruise before 0800 hours Monday, October 10 are requested to report to the Race Committee Yacht.
A cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres for captains and their guests will commence at 1800 hours at the Classic Motor Museum, and continue until 2100 to accommodate later arrivals. The reception will be in the education building, and the main exhibit building will be open for tours. Dress for the affair is casual. An envelope containing instructions will be distributed to each registered yacht during the reception.
A Captains' Meeting will be held at 0900 hours at TBD. Yachts should be prepared to depart the harbor at 1000 hours.
There will be a First Race for sailing yachts at a time and place and under conditions set forth by the Race Committee and the Sailing Instructions.
At the conclusion of the race, yachts will proceed to the designated anchorage in the area of Shaw Bay off the Wye River.  The evening is set aside for entertaining aboard and visiting among the Fleet.  Newer members of the Club are cordially invited to raft alongside the Commodore’s and Flag Officers’ yachts.
Captains should be prepared to depart the anchorage at 0900 hours.
There will be a Second Race for sailing yachts at a time and place and under conditions set forth by the Race Committee and the Sailing Instructions.
At the conclusion of the race, yachts will proceed to Miles River Yacht Club on Long Haul Creek. A reception commencing at 1800 hours followed by dinner at approximately 1930 hours will be held at Miles River Yacht Club. Trophies and awards will be presented.  Members and guests are requested to dress in appropriate yachting attire, blazers and ties for gentlemen and smart casual attire for the ladies.
Limited dockage through Dockwa is available on Sunday at MRYC and at various marinas in St. Michaels. Long Haul Creek also affords protected anchorage with good holding.
The fleet will disband after Morning Colors.
A yacht of the Corinthian Fleet, usually the Race Committee Yacht, will be designated to serve as Fleet Communications and Safety Yacht, and it may be assisted by other motor yachts in the fleet.  The Communications and Safety Yacht will monitor the VHF calling channel and will assist insofar as possible and relay messages as required.  The cruising area is well served by the cellular telephone network.  It is anticipated that those captains who have special communications requirements will make their own arrangements.
Channel 16 VHF should be monitored by all yachts during the daylight hours after morning colors. Channel 16 is the international VHF calling and safety channel.  Channel 72 VHF will be the designated primary working channel for the Cruise, although another channel may be selected to avoid local interference.  The Race Committee Boat, the safety yachts and Fleet Captain will monitor Channels 16 and 72 VHF. Communications regarding yachts starting early or retiring from the race are covered in the Sailing Instructions.
When at anchor, results of the day's race will be announced by the Race Committee at 1900 hours on Channel 72 VHF.
The Sailing Instructions will indicate that both Class A and Class B will race without spinnakers.  There will be no Class C.
All classes will race under PHRF of the Chesapeake rules and ratings except as otherwise provided in these General Orders and in the Sailing Instructions.  Race results will be scored using the low point system as described in Appendix A of The Racing Rules of Sailing.
Trophies will be awarded for each daily race.
Trophies will also be awarded for the Fall Cruise Photo Contest. These awards will be presented following dinner Sunday evening. 
Season trophies for the combined performance in both Spring and Fall Cruises will be awarded at the Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner at the Club in January of 2023.  Only Corinthian Yacht Club registered yachts are eligible for the season trophies.  Yachts in Class A will compete for the COMMODORE'S TROPHY; Class B will race for the BOSUNBIRD TROPHY. The THACHER TROPHY will be awarded to the yacht which wins her class by the greatest number of points. The THOMAS POINT LIGHT TROPHY will be awarded to the yacht that scores best under the High Point Percentage System.
Send the completed Registration Form or an email with the required information to the Fleet Captain David Breimhurst, Box 223, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663, (tucanadad@yahoo.com) 215-919-9496 as soon as possible and in no event later than Friday, September 30. Please send your PHRF Certificate to the Fleet Captain as soon as possible. 
If you are awaiting word from your crew and guests, it would be helpful if you submit a registration form to the Fleet Captain and indicate that a final guest list will be forthcoming no later than Friday, September 30. Please take special care in completing the registration form, especially with regard to the legibility of first and last names of guests.  The accuracy of the Guest List depends upon you.
Members desiring to invite guest yachts should notify the Fleet Captain so that a letter of invitation, required by the Club’s by-laws, may be sent from the Commodore.  Sponsoring members are reminded that they are responsible for completing an additional registration form for their guest yachts.
To avoid any confusion regarding billing, please read “BILLING” below.  Please indicate on the Registration Form if any of your crew who are members are to be billed directly for their share of the expenses; otherwise they will be charged to the account of the owner/captain.  Please indicate if any of the crew are unable to attend the reception or dinner.
All registration information and rating certificates will be forwarded by the Fleet Captain to the Cruise Race Committee Chair, to whom any questions concerning certificates or ratings should be directed.
The per-person cost for participation in all the events of the 2022 Fall Cruise will be $225 per person for adults. There will be a charge of $100 for persons under the age of 21 and $50 for persons under the age of 12. The charge for all members and guests on each yacht will be made to the Club account of the Captain of each participating yacht at the conclusion of the Cruise. In the case of a guest yacht the charge will be made to the account of the Club member who sponsors the Guest Captain.
A member who is a guest on another member’s yacht who wishes to be billed directly for his or her share of the cruise expenses must so indicate on the registration form.
Commitment to the caterers as to the number of persons to be served must be made one week before each event. In some cases, it may be possible to accommodate changes in crew or yachts attending if the Fleet Captain is notified in writing, by email or by telephone no later than the Friday preceding the commencement of the Cruise (September 30). In the absence of such timely notification of changes, a Captain will be billed for his entire crew, as registered, even if some or all of them are unable to attend. Once the Friday deadline has passed it is the policy of the Club not to give a full or partial credit for any crew member or yacht that misses a particular day, event or portion of the Cruise except under the most unusual circumstances.  Since the Fleet Captain prepares the billing information, questions concerning billing should be directed to the Fleet Captain and not to the Club’s accounting department. Upon receipt of your Registration Form your House Account will be charged the sum of $100 as a deposit for your yacht and any guest yacht you may be sponsoring.
Time used will be Eastern Daylight Time. 
The Race Committee Yacht may leave the anchorage before the fleet to establish the starting area. The Flag Officers shall precede the Fleet when getting underway in the mornings.  While entering and leaving harbors, yachts should proceed in single file so far as possible. Since the starting line for the races may be located a distance from the harbor/anchorage, please be prepared to depart at the appointed time so that you will not be late for your class’s start.  Any necessary change in harbor start times will be announced at the Captains’ Meeting or over VHF Channel 72. 
Yachts are requested to use proper flag etiquette in so far as possible. On a sailing yacht, the yacht club burgee is correctly flown at the main truck (masthead) on a pigstick, not attached to a halyard and not from a spreader. In lieu of the burgee, the Club’s swallowtail pennant may be flown from the starboard spreader. No flags (including the ensign) should be displayed while racing (except special fleet/class identification flags, when specified).
The Flag Officers, Fleet Captain and Race Committee Chair ask all members’ assistance in supporting Maryland’s minimum drinking age of 21.  Our hosts and caterers are at risk if we do not self-enforce this law.  The law also prohibits minors from ordering a drink for an elder.
While dress for the cruise will generally be informal, captains and their guests are requested to wear appropriate yachting attire for the Saturday evening reception and dinner.
By order of:
STEVEN R. DIRECTOR