Trap Awards

At the conclusion of each trap season, a series of awards, some permanent, some serendipitous, are presented to the member participants to acknowledge their performances and accomplishments. The permanent trophies are:
  • CYCOP Trap Club Champion – High score at the annual championship shoot.
  • High Gun Man – Overall winning scores for the season.
  • 2nd High Gun Man
  • High Gun Lady – Overall winning scores for the season.
  • 2nd High Gun Lady
  • High Handicap – the person who most often scores at/above his/her handicap level.
  • 2nd High Handicap 
  • High Gun Couple – Best combined score tally for the season.
  • 2nd High Gun Couple
  • Commodore A. John Gregg 20 Gauge Championship – limited to 20-gauge scores.
  • David B. Stokes Sailing Shooting Biathlon – Combined sailing and shooting scores.
  • Peter Gibbons-Neff Handicap Championship – make your handicap & win shootoff!
  • Peter Seltzer Chairman’s Cup – combined singles and doubles.
  • Terminator Award – the highest number of targets scored for the season.
In addition, shooters who score clear rounds of 25 or 50 targets receive special recognition, referred to as the Holy Quail awards. A special dinner and ceremony are held annually, to present these prizes.