Trap Program

In the fall of each year, when the sailboats and moorings are removed from our waterfront, the CYC trap program opens and becomes a staple of activity through the winter, and until early April of the succeeding year. We shoot at targets thrown in the trap format, and participate in a variety of programs; competitions both home and away with regional country clubs, instructional events for novices and intermediate-level participants, and special prize and cultural contests. 

The pursuit of a disc flying away from you at an unknown angle while moving at 42 miles per hour requires the coordination of various personal faculties, and this becomes the challenge: can you successfully compete with yourself to intercept this 4.5-inch thing? The use of standardized equipment and components gives everyone an equal chance, in terms of the physics of the activity. The ability to share this experience with others similarly motivated becomes the basis for a meaningful social program, conducted out of doors, with little regard for the weather.

At the conclusion of each days’ shooting, we gather for a meal and a recounting of our endeavors, and to share our plans for the next outing. New participants are always welcomed, and our established protocol will properly introduce novices and new members to the shooting game. If interested, send an inquiry along and begin your adventure.



Contact Information

Tom Bullock CYCoP Trap Committee

George Van Sciver
CYCoP General Manager

Contact Information for Shooting Classes:
Jason Stein: Certified NRA Shotgun Shooting Instructor

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Updated 10/19/2020