Water Sports at Corinthian


Sailing Release Form

*Important all members must have a signed Sailing Release on file before taking any club boat out*

Remember to be mindful of all conditions as they pose potential danger - click for video of CYC conditions


The Club owns 3 Canoes, 2 Kayaks and 2 Stand-up Paddle Boards for the members’ enjoyment.  Before using these “watercraft”, members must sign a release indicating they are aware of the dangers of such use and understand their basic use.  

All users of Club owned boats must wear a life jacket.  Each boat has a specific paddle.  Please use the appropriate paddle and please return to their designated storage location.   As these boats are club owned and used by many, please limit your use to one hour intervals, unless cleared in advance by management.  

A sign out board is located by the kitchen entrance where you should also state your float plan.  Please use the buddy system when you can.  If boating by yourself, you must stay within site of the Clubhouse.

To the right are some links to the proper use of these boats.

 Stand-up Paddle Boards